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Parent Resources

Families First

What is Families First?
Having a new baby or young children at home is an exciting and challenging time for parents. Caring for a child is an around the clock job. Families First is a home visiting program offering information and support to parents facing the many challenges of caring for their young children.

How does Families First work?
Families First begins with a visit from a Public Health Nurse who takes the time to learn about the family and their strengths. The family and Public Health Nurse determine together which supports would be most beneficial for the family. Families may be directed to appropriate community resources or followed by more intensive home visiting services. If parents agree to take part in home visiting, home visits can continue with a family for a period of up to three years. Together with their Home Visitor, parents determine how often and how long the visits will be. In the beginning, the home visitor usually comes once a week for about an hour.

The home visitor is someone parents can count on, someone who will listen, encourage them and share information about childhood growth and development. They can help the family to develop daily routines. Home visitors can assist parents in making their home safe. They can help parents find positive ways of communicating with their children, playing with them and setting limits. Home visitors can put parents in touch with services and program in their community. They do not provide counseling, babysitting or transportation, but they can help parents develop confidence in their ability to problem-solve and manage their family life. They can assist parents to meet their family goals.

What are the benefits of Families First?
Families First supports positive parent child relationships so every child can benefit from a loving, nurturing, happy and healthy home.

How can I learn more about Families First?
For more information talk to your public health nurse or contact the Families First Coordinator for the Southeast Interlake Families First program
Call: 785-9318 (Shannon)