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Mother and son learn together.

About Us: Partners

Hand in Hand Daycare

Where are we?
We are located just five (5) minutes or five (5) kilometres north of Selkirk at the site of the Behavioural Health Foundation. (just south of "the Bridge to Nowhere") It's worth the drive for quality child care in a warm, caring but stimulating environment.

Who may attend?
Hand In Hand Daycare is a not for profit daycare licensed by the Manitoba Child Care Program to care for only 20 children. The majority of the children are pre-schoolers ages 2-6. Our license includes provisions to care for up to 4 infant children ages 18 months - 2 as well as up to 5 school age children from 7-12 years within the total number of 20 licensed spaces.

Our Hours:
We are open from 7:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, 12 months a year with the exception of civic and statutory holidays.

How are we funded?
Parents either pay for daycare fees in full or if they apply and qualify may receive a personal subsidy from the Manitoba Child Care Program. To quality for a personal subsidy there must be a financial need, a parent attending an educational facility, medical reasons, or other special needs.

What do we offer?
Our centre has two separate play rooms all on one wheelchair accessible level. The children benefit from being in small mixed age groups of a maximum of 10 children, as they may individually flow back and forth between the rooms. The young ones learn from the older ones and vice versa.

We have lots of windows, some low enough for the children to watch squirrels playing in our fenced play yard.

Our two outdoor playgrounds have large old oak trees for shade, several play structures with slides, swings and a very large sand box. When the weather is cold or rainy we have access to a high school sized gym to ride bicycles, play with balls, climb through tunnels and play in pop up houses.

Two nutritious snacks are provided each day.

"Emergent Curriculum" is followed. This incorporates the children's current interests into the arts and crafts, dramatic play, puzzles, games, books, music, toys and equipment available to the children. There are a wide range of stimulating and educational choices for the children as well as a lot of fun.
Visit us and see for yourself!

Hand In Hand Daycare Inc.
1147 Breezy Point Road
Selkirk, Manitoba, R1A2A7
(204) 482-9448 Fax (204) 785-8427